Real Estate and Environmental Law

Our lawyers represent the firm's clients in their real estate transactions and handle the real estate work of all corporate and individual clients and real estate developers. We assist clients in industrial, commercial and office leasing, sale-leaseback financing, asset-based financing, and joint venture developments. We provide counsel on the acquisition and construction of facilities and on all aspects of developer and lender representation. We also assist companies with real estate and lending issues in transactions involving funding and financing of units or projects.

We provide advise on land use pattern and zonal development regulations, including appearing the appropriate authorities to seek change or amendment of the plans already made out by the local administrative councils. We undertake registration, search of title and certification of litigation in real estate transactions.

Our lawyers provide assistance on a broad range of land use, hazardous materials, and regulatory issues. We offer environmental counsel in connection with real estate leasing, acquisitions, and lending. We also help clients establish comprehensive compliance programs, represent them in administrative investigations, defend them in hazardous materials litigation, discharge of effluents, impact assessment and advise them on environmental compliance assessment.

Focused on Our Client's Critical Needs

Our lawyers offer the diverse, multidisciplinary skills essential to supporting our clients at every stage of their growth and development, from start-up to maturity. We have earned particular distinction for our capabilities in private and public financing securities law compliance mergers and acquisitions securities and intellectual property litigation strategic alliances and joint ventures technology licensing and intellectual property strategies.

Employee Benefits and Compensation

Our lawyers are experienced in the design, review, and implementation of a wide range of benefit and compensation programs structured to suit emerging growth companies as well as other manufacturing and service businesses. This experience has given us a special expertise in the tax, securities, and accounting considerations applicable to these programs, with a particular emphasis on the unique issues faced by start-up and emerging growth companies.

We work with clients to structure compensation and benefit programs that cover the full range of equity and cash compensation arrangements, including stock option and purchase plans, ESOPs, and fringe benefit arrangements. We also negotiate and prepare incentive, employment, and severance arrangements.

Lawyers in this practice area work closely with our corporate lawyers on a variety of client matters and are actively involved in the issues that arise in merger and acquisition transactions. Our lawyers are also experienced in the representation of companies before the various labor forums including the courts, tribunals, inspectors and officers.

Strategic Partner in a Dynamic Environment

The 21st century brings with it new business and legal environments which place a premium on creative and innovative responses to rapid change--change that is fueled by the accelerating pace of technological advances, global markets, and international competition, as well as by innovative organizational structures. Eastern Law Associates acts as a strategic partner to its clients, reflecting in its practice the broad range of our clients' needs the changing nature of those needs as our clients progress from start-ups to leaders in their area of operation, the rapid pace of both technological and organizational innovation within our client base the dynamic business and legal environments in which our clients operate.

Expertise, Experience, Quality

Our distinguished domestic and international client base is engaged in a wide variety of businesses, including computer systems and peripherals computer software communications semiconductors health care and life sciences retail and consumer products financial services

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