Karthicks foreign Language center gives valuable services in Law and Translations and many other support activity for establishing and counselling in varied areas of Law , Language and Teaching Japanese and Chinese and Corporate In house training, Body shopping and Human resources and Translate technical documents for any type of Industry .

Madhumitha Tulsi who is our Managing Director is a Lawyer well known and has expertise in the fields of languages and was in Singapore for a couple of years. Having done her graduation in Linguistics, she opened this Organization to facilitate the Industry relating to any sector and has served a very big way. Her approach is very professional and her understanding business is a very Professional way of inheritance. Her IT skills are wonderful and her approach to any market is open and dealt delicately and design a group with more a lively approach. Her experiences in the below field are more than 14 years. She has served many multinationals in a multilingual way has proved herself as one of the best to be approached.

These are values which are to be imbibed into the working of a professionals firm. These are the demands of the present day client. These are words which are the basis of karthicks associated because we are best defined by the nature of the working and the reactions from our clients.

Karthicks foreign Language center helps in Language solutions and organizations increase their international presence by providing premium quality translation services for IT Industry and Technical Translations on Medical systems, and Science, technology transfer and Web sites, Print and major video Games in all major world languages as well as international web site promotion, design and hosting services. We offer easy affordable and reliable one-stop service for all your translation and localization needs.

Karthicks was found in 1994 and Since founding, we have always ensured quality of our approach towards all configurations of business of a white collar and as a legal counsel - an ability to find the best, and often most innovative, solution - because we listen to and work with our clients, take the time to learn about their business and needs, and understand their business environment. We have capabilities in private and public borrowings, mergers and acquisitions, securities and intellectual property litigation, strategic alliances and joint ventures, and technology licensing and intellectual property strategies.

Our success, while reflected in our growth, is measured ultimately by the capability, spirit, and effort of our people. Karthicks always believes in building resources and expertise most critical to our clients, whether for, domestic individual clients or multi-national blue chips corporate. We are committed to help our clients succeed and prosper in their business.

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