The small select of international linguist group who make up the student body are distinguished by their impressive Language skills, their intellectual and their determination to meet up with the exceptional challenges. Professors and students work closely to achieve educational goals and professional standards in a supportive way. To accommodate the specific needs of individual language combinations and to stay abreast of developments in the profession, the sequential modular curriculum.

Karthicks can provide you with translations in any written language, on any topic. All text is translated by native speakers of the target language so that what you receive is a document written by someone writing in his or her native tongue.

Translation combines good comprehension of the material with good writing skills in the target language. Instead of word-to-word translations, which can have some very awkward results, translators strive to convey the same meaning, tone and style in the translated text.

Karthicks Is a team of Language experts specialized in foreign language translation, interpreting, software localization, and typesetting. We will help your company to maintain a strong presence, in the international market. We can do this by translating your brochures, catalogues, sales presentations, international legal agreements, or software into the language of your target industries and markets.

Karthicks works with the very best amateur, translation performance with excellence and culturally authentic. We are dedicated to help you get your message across the world in the most important language: the language of your customer

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