Distance Learning For Japanese & Chinese

Everywhere! Anywhere! Its Japan’s konnichiwa and Nihau in Chinese language.

Has anybody questioned himself or herself why a foreign language helps especially eastern language s in our daily life. Did you realize that it's becoming a part of our daily helping need to interact with in job?

It's a wonderful opportunity for all the relatively interesting people to learn a beautiful and really a very difficult language easily made to learn with audio and other helpful aids. As every one are aware that India is being viewed by other internationals, its high time we start thinking of upgrading our skills and capabilities for any international customer to access with us easy and comfortable, besides a big curriculum in Academics along with specialties like Chinese and Japanese language through distance education.

Japanese / Chinese Distance Language Education Programme

Distance learning has existed as a study medium for a long time now. Yet, it is only in recent years, with the development of the Internet and other electronic communications media that it has started to realize its potential. Consequently, distance learning, as we know it now, is still only a very young method of study. Nevertheless, there is no doubting that it is fast developing into a uniquely dynamic, interesting and valuable learning experience for its participants reflect on what they are learning while they are working with and, perhaps, living in the society about which they are studying. As a result they can more rapidly develop their ideas and can more easily test those ideas against the empirical reality with which they are faced on a daily basis.

A new Distance Learning Option is being offered by Karthicks Foreign Language Centre commencing on 2004 to complement the existing direct skilled programme.

The registrations will be in the month of September 2003. The objectives of this course are to acquire a vocabulary such that he/she can express him/herself with reasonable confidence and fluency on a range of topics, including the following:

  • One of the largest pools of English - speaking graduates in the world.
  • Using the telephone in social situations and at work
  • Expressing opinions and agreeing/disagreeing

Study will involve audiotape work including oral comprehension exercises to extract the meaning from increasingly complex dialogue. Assessment will be by coursework, mid-term tests and a final examination at the end of the course.

The main purpose of this course is to help beginners to improve their communication skills in everyday Chinese/Japanese; therefore, a diversified approach is used, combining communicative and functional methods with grammatical and structural methods. The sentences introduced in the material are taken from present-day Chinese/Japanese and have been chosen on the typical situations in daily life, helping the student advance systematically from the easy to the difficult.

To help the student understand more easily and more `thoroughly, the explanatory notes and grammar are presented in simple language. We are now at the threshold of the 21st century. With the rapid modernization of China / Japan, more people throughout the world are going to learn the Chinese /Japanese language. We are confident that the audiotapes will win the hearts of all learners of the language, both at home and abroad.

The aim of this module is to increase students' knowledge and understanding of contemporary Japanese/Chinese society through the study of unit materials. These are the values imbibed in our name. Call us and meet us for prospectus and register your names.

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