Cyber Law is a new phenomenon having emerged after the onset of Internet. Internet grew in a completely unplanned and unregulated manner. Even the inventors of Internet could not have really anticipate the scope and far reaching of consequences of Cyber Space. The growth rate of cyberspace has been enormous. Internet is growing rapidly and with the population of Internet doubling roughly every 100 days, Cyberspace is the new preferred environment of the world. With the spontaneous and almost phenomenal growth of cyberspace, relating to various legal aspects of cyberspace began cropping up. In response to the absolutely complex and newly emerging legal issues relating to cyberspace, CYBERLAW or the law of Internet came into being. The growth of Cyberspace has resulted in the development of a new and highly specialized branch of law called CYBERLAWS- LAWS OF THE INTERNET AND THE WORLD WIDE WEB. There is no one exhaustive definition of the term "Cyber law". However, simply put, Cyber law is a term which refers to all the legal and regulatory aspects of Internet and the World Wide Web. Anything concerned with or related to, or emanating from, any legal aspects or issues concerning any activity of netizens and others, in Cyberspace comes within the ambit of Cyber law.

With the advent of Internet in India it started to raise a numerous number of complex legal issues and now there is a need of enhancement of these cyber laws. There is no law to give sanction or validity to the activities in cyberspace. These Factors and other varied considerations created the conducive atmosphere for the need for enacting relevant cyber laws in India. The Government of India responded by coming up with the draft of the first Cyber law of India - The Information Technology Bill, 1999. One question that is often asked is why should we have Cyber law in India, when a large chunk of the Indian population is below the poverty line and is residing in rural areas ? More than anything else, India, by its sheer numbers, as also by virtue of its extremely talented and ever growing IT population, is likely to become a very important Internet Market in the future and it is important that we legislate Cyber laws in India to provide for a sound legal and technical frame work which, in turn, could be a catalyst for growth and success of the Internet Revolution in India.

Internet is a new medium, yet it is one medium that has changed human perceptions, behaviour and visions. Internet has demolished national boundaries and has made the world as one big family. Some say Internet means unbriddled freedom and is an anarchy. But it is also amply clear that there can be law within the Internet .Humanity has been so much dedicated to the growth of the technological and infratstructural aspects of Internet that the legal mechanisms relating to Internet and cyberspace has taken a back seat.As with each passing day, new horizons of cyberspace are being discovered and explored, there is all the more need for legal mechanisms governing cyberspace. But the Cyberlaw as on date is in a stage of its infancy. It is being constantly evolved.

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