Corporate and Securities

We have a focused team working in the areas of corporate and securities practice, representing entrepreneurs and managers as well as the financial institutions that support them. Today we have vast expertise in corporate and securities law. Our expertise, broad experience, and depth of resources enable us to represent companies ranging from private limited companies to multinational enterprises with equal capability and effectiveness.

Our firm advises companies in borrowings from its early stages through the public issue of equity and debentures. We provide advise in structuring and negotiating merger and acquisition transactions, as well as incorporation, registration and establishment of other forms of business combinations. In doing this we provide the necessary intermediate services of conducting due diligence of target companies, drafting and seeking approvals from the necessary statutory authorities. In an increasingly litigious and closely scrutinized environment, we regularly advise clients on a wide range of securities law compliance and disclosure matters especially in respect of the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

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