Do you know Japanese? We have Japanese courses that can cope better, in a Japanese speaking environment, ranging from elementary to advanced levels, these courses aim to improve general skills in reading and in ROMAJI (English Letters to Japanese Phonetics.). And speaking these courses mainly traded for Asians to Japanese in Indian environment .At the end of the course students will be able to speak, read simple sentences that acquire total vocabulary of 900 words. The Japanese language is even considered difficult by themselves, so they think chances of foreigners to master this art is almost NEXT TO NIL. This concept is wrong partly due to the lack of systematic and methodical approach towards teaching Japanese as foreign language.

We did away with conventional approach and devised an entirely new system one which gives the average students a solid foundation on high-end software terminology, which at same time concentrate (require of) the learning. We studied the difficulty that beginners encountered and from their viewpoints (Layman not amateur of languages). We came up with grammar rearranged to suit beginners using revolutionary edge of software growth and many business ends.

Why our KFLC program compared to many in the field

There are many Japanese teaching courses available in the market and over the Internet. So we feel it is necessary for our clients to know how we are different from them and why ours yield maximum results comparatively to meet your needs. KFLC is approached in a unique way. We have studied the existing tutorials in this market and have come up with a revolutionary concept of teaching, which is point-point. We asked some of our contact people to do a survey and this is what they came up with. Here we have tested some of the other JAPANESE tutorials which are considered very good by many people.

Other KFLC Tutorials

Our KFLC weightage exists uptill today's needs, lookout more on the Information Technology end. Sensing the Need: The gateway to Japanese has been opened since Mr.Mori visited India, since the investment on Japanese bilateral ties are going to improve. It is only evident that Indian Software market is going to look on. Now KFLC has worked hard with many software professionals to keep track of their schedules.

Now looking at Software engineers who work for 10-14 hrs per day, to learn Japanese they have to take a break from their job, to tune oneself according to it. Sometimes this may prove a hindrance and shifting between wavelengths for all since it is difficult to adapt at once. Now a query may arise why KFLC for IT sector?? The answer is our CEO Madhumitha who has been in the IT Field knowing their requirements, and our rapport speaks for itself. Now we have made a study of our Clients needs and we have come up with an amicable solution. After using KFLC as the language barrier, the quality in work our clients receive will be of maximum use. This thought when putforth to our client is fruitful. Hope the JAPANESE clients are not going to miss you, Act before it is too late.

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